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Welcome to the Healthy Families Program, where our mission is to fortify families through a comprehensive approach aimed at enhancing emotional, social, and educational support. Our ultimate goal is to uplift the overall quality of life for families, focusing on the vital aspects of healthy relationships, as well as physical, emotional, and environmental well-being.At CAF, we understand the importance of community collaboration. That’s why we proudly partner with faith-based community organizations that are integral members of the CAF CCN network. Through these partnerships, we implement a range of community programs designed to empower families in their journey towards holistic health.One of the key features of our Healthy Families Program is the innovative train-the-trainer model. This proven approach involves training dedicated individuals within the communities we serve to become promoters. These trained individuals, equipped with a wealth of tools and knowledge, then take on the role of educators, delivering impactful workshops to their communities. This grassroots method ensures that our programs have a far-reaching and lasting impact, fostering resilience and well-being in the heart of every family we touch.Join us in building a healthier and stronger community, one family at a time, through the Healthy Families Program at CAF. Together, we’ll embark on a journey towards lasting positive change.

Healthy Families Programs


  • Environmental health indoors and outdoors awareness and Education
  • Environmental Justice awareness and community empowerment
  • Elderly support and education
  • Family strengthening educational workshops
  • Public Health awareness and education
  • Community leadership and empowerment

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