COVID-19 Prevention in Massachusetts

CAF along with a group of 6 churches located in Boston, Lawrence, Lowell, Sommerville and Worcester, have organized Community Fairs in their areas of influence, focused on COVID-19 prevention, access to vaccination services and other important resources for their integral development.

During this period, these churches, which also belong to the CAF Connectors Network, have coordinated efforts with our organization to train their congregations and members of neighboring communities on effective measures to limit exposure to the COVID-19 virus and increase access to vaccines.

This program benefits people who identify as African American, Latino or Hispanic; people who do not speak English or prefer to speak in another language; people who do not have access to transportation; and is funded by HRia.


  • Coordination of Community Health Fairs

  • Coordination of COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

  • Creation and dissemination of informational content on COVID-19 prevention, vaccination and other health-related topics.

  • Creating and connecting networks of leaders, partners and stakeholders to serve the community.

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