Environmental Justice Leadership Development

CAF has launched a program that aims to integrate communities into the climate change arena, turning participants into full-fledged community organizers to fight for greater equity in the climate change and environmental justice conversations.    

Under the slogan: Organizing is the most effective way to seek change, a total of a total of 10 churches in the Maryland area that belong to the CAF Connectors Network, are gaining advocacy skills as well as knowledge of civic mechanisms that will enable them, once they identify climate change issues affecting their communities, to effectively present them to state authorities for environmental solutions and change.

This program is offered by the Centro de Apoyo Familiar (CAF) and the Local Church, with the sponsorship of the Climate + Clean Energy Equity Fund.


  • Climate Change and Environmental Justice Educational Workshops
  • Creation and launching of climate change awareness campaigns
  • Leadership training
  • Advocacy training

Contact us:

For more information about Healthy Families programs, send an email to falcala@mycaf.org with the subject line: I want to participate in Healthy Families programs.