Foreclosure prevention PROGRAM

The Foreclosure Prevention Program, focuses on helping families dealing with mortgage delinquency avoid foreclosure on their homes. Our HUD certified Housing Counselors help the client through one-on-one counseling sessions to work with their mortgage lenders/servicer to seek solutions. A review of the client’s current financial situation and the client’s goals are done to provide an action plan and seek options.

There are many loan default resolution options that can be offered by the mortgage servicer while working with a Housing Counselor. 

Those options can include loan modification, forbearance, short sale, etc. all depending on the client’s individual situation. 

This program provides education about foreclosure prevention strategies, money management coaching, avoiding predatory lending, and providing referrals to rental listings, legal services, and or other resources and referrals that may be needed.


Services offered by the program:

  • Review and complete spending plan
  • Develop an action plan
  • Gather and review supporting documents to determine the best options available
  • Assist in completing and submitting applications to the servicer
  • Negotiate with the mortgage servicers
  • Provide referral when needed
  • Provide support and guidance until a resolution is obtain

Contact us:

If you need to schedule an appointment with one of our HUD approved counselors please complete the following:
Step:1 (Click the link below and complete our digital intake):
Step:2 Please email the following documents to for our counselors to be able provide an assessment of your individual situation:
     1- Copy of the most recent Mortgage Statement  (mortgage monthly Bill)    
     2- Pay stubs for the last 30 days, or any other income support document (food stamps, Social Sec., Child support, etc.)     
     3- ID
     4- Most current bank statements
An appointment will be schedule once intake and documents have been received.