CAF’s Mission is to revitalize communities through economic, social and educational empowerment, in collaboration with Faith organizations (Churches).

CAF began operating in 2006 in the state of Massachusetts with a number of churches in the city of Lawrence. In 2009 CAF expanded to the state of Maryland and began to work closely with Faith leaders and pastors guiding them on how they could be a voice in their communities. Together we create the Connectors; a network of churches that work in collaboration with CAF to transform the community through the integral gospel.

 The CAF Connectors Network (CCN) is made up of community organizations, ministries and churches selected to work in collaboration and put CAF’s programmatic model into practice, offering an organizational infrastructure and providing services to the community.

Specifically, CAF offers its Training program for the CCN network, which focuses on the preparation and development of organizations and their leadership in the following areas:

  • Obtaining the 501-C-3 and Organizational development
  • Assistance in property purchases, homes and credit improvement
  • Food distribution
  • Financial and administrative advice
  • Medical operations
  • Legal assistance (pro-bono lawyers)
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Training and Leadership workshops
  • Family education programs

  • Programming of community events in the Churches

  • Funds and identification of financial resources

The CAF Connectors Network Training program offers faith leaders clear direction on how to develop a successful initiative in the community, using simple techniques that can be easily implemented. CAF believes that faith-based organizations (churches) are growing in number and presence in small and large communities with a rich concentration of minorities. CAF seeks to create a comprehensive approach by connecting churches with community resources in embracing the gospel of compassion in the communities they serve.




Membership Criteria:

  • Operate in a church environment.

  • Willingness to involve families in the event of expanding CAF’s Mission through program services.

  • Ability to implement and develop programs in your church.

  • Willingness to use tools that help us measure and address the socioeconomic, cultural and economic problems of the community they serve.

  • Willingness to promote health, economy, and opportunity for low- and moderate-income families.

  • Availability to participate in a national model.

  • Ability/willingness to develop or implement a technology and data management system to measure and track program success.

  • Ability to follow program and project guidelines.

  • Participate in mandatory meetings and trainings.

  • You must be registered as a Connector Affiliate in order to participate

Membership Benefits:

  • Opportunity to create brand image and visibility for your church and programs
  • Opportunity to implement program that will help church members build assets
  • Opportunity to develop national and local collaborations with institutions such as banks, universities, schools, local officials and others
  •  Increase membership volume and create greater visibility for churches.
  • Opportunity to increase church membership enrollment and retention.
  • Opportunity to participate in a larger network of churches.
  • Opportunity to connect members with a range of community services.
  • Opportunity to receive individual training in areas such as finance, budgeting, marketing, health, capacity building, advocacy, leadership, and program development
  • Funding opportunities for the implementation of the Connector Program model for those who qualify.
  • Opportunity to apply for capacity building program to support and strengthen churches in the area of ​​resource development, program operations, administration and training.
  •  Opportunity to participate in CAF’s annual conference.
  • CAF brings religious leaders together once a year at its annual conference where leaders receive, train resources and connect with political leaders and advocate for issues affecting their congregation
  •  Help the church identify the pressing needs facing its congregations and connect its members with community servants.

*Benefits are subject to church qualifications*

  1. Benefits of being part of the CAF Connectors Network.
  2. Obtaining the 501c3 and organizational development
  3. Assistance in home purchases,
  4. Food vouchers, (Only applies to the states MD, VA)
  5. Incentives for promoters and grants for churches for CAF workshops. (Only applies to the states of MD, VA, MA).

And Scheduling community events for your Church. (Only applies in the states of MD, VA, MA).

What are the steps you need to take to be part of the CAF Connectors Network?

1. Fill out the CAF Connectors Network membership application specifying the CAF program you wish to develop in your church and community

2. Make membership payment valid for one year;

From 00-100 Members $100

From 100-499 Members $175

From 500- or More $225

3. Sign agreement

4. Schedule a follow-up meeting to prepare a work plan and develop and execute the programs of your interest.