Community Transformation

Transforming our community is a program that works with faith-based institutions, to bring the gospel of compassion from Matthew 35: 5-6. CAF’s Community Transformation Program is designed to reach low-to moderate-income Latino and immigrant families who are in needs of essential services such as food, housing, healthcare and jobs. This program will utilize a community outreach and engagement model used by CAF in prior projects integrating partnerships and proving strong community outreach. CAF’s proven outreach model involving partnership with community and faith- based organizations in the county presenting an opportunity to extend outreach deep into underserved communities and engaging people that are the hardest to reach.


CAF’s Community Transformation Program:
1) Provide weekly food distribution services to families through our partnership with Coastal Sunbelt and CAF’s faith based organizations;
2) Provide housing counseling services to families (including rental counseling through the ERAP application assistance, The HAF program to homeowners and financial education on fair housing, and credit restoration to help people back on their feet.
3) Connect Families with job readiness programs offered by the county through the Employment Princes George and other local workforce development programs
4) Coordinate with local health providers events at CAF’s food distributions and connect families to local healthcare organizations
5) Connect Families with other needed services offered by the county or other community agencies.

Stadistic Data:

  • Last Year (2022) CAF served over 3500 families this year through its CAF’s Community Transformation Program.


  • Food distribution.
  • Housing counseling.
  • Job readiness programs.
  • Connect Local healthcare organizations with families.
  • Other services offered by the county or other community agencies with for families.

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