This training program will equip you with 240  hours of combined classroom training and  behind the wheel experience to enable you  to confidently pass the the Commercial  Driver’s License (CDL Class B) exam with  the option to also obtain a Passenger  Endorsement  

The course is taught in a bilingual format  (English and Spanish), and offers you the  flexibility to attend virtually during the  classroom portion of the training – behind the  wheel portion of the training is only available  in-person. 

During your training you will learn about:

  • Air Brake Inspection 
  • Pre-trip Inspection 
  • Basic Control 
  • Coupling and Uncoupuling Trailers
  • Backing and Docking 
  • Various mechanical instructions 
  • Driver Safety and Compliance 
  • Handling & Documenting Cargo
  • Various Hours of Service Requirements

And much more.


  • English/Spanish training format
  • Flixible virtual on in person classroom hours
  • Pre-employment training
  • Barriers to employment removal
  • Job placement assistance
  • Personal growth
  • Financial literacy
  • Digital literacy

Note: Virtual classroom hours is only available during the classroom hours portion of the training. Behind the wheel training requires in-person attendance.

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