Financial Literacy and Education trains families on topics such as money management, budgeting, credit building, banking, savings, and avoiding predatory lending practices.

HUD Approved Homeownership Services provides pre- and post-purchase education and one-on-one housing counseling.

Credit Rebuilding Program targets families not yet ready for homeownership, but are in need of basic financial and credit counseling.

Foreclosures Prevention Services consists of loss mitigation services through loan modifications, interest rate reduction, refi-nancing, and forbearance services to distressed borrowers.

Healthy Eating – Healthy Living Program provides healthy eating education and access to healthy food such as fruit and vegetables and other health related resources.

Capacity Building Program is tailored to faith-based organizations in order to help them connect with other services in their communities by integrating the Community Transformation Model and the concept of Promotoras.

Environmental Health Education provides environmental literacy to Latino Families in areas such as Lead poisoning Stormwater issues, Recycling, etc.

Workforce Development Program empowers and connects families with educational skills training such as ESL, basic com-puter skills, resume writing and other job readiness trainings.

Small Business Development Program trains and connects entrepreneurs with local and state organizations and resources.